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  • Zaid on

    I have created an account today in order to purchase some stamps from your website. However, when I get to the stage where I need to choose a shipping method, unfortunately there is no shipping method available and hence I cannot proceed with my order. Could you please correct this error in the website? Please note that I live in the United Kingdom, and that I have also sent a copy of this e-mail to the following addresses:

    philately@posta.co.tz (& also) customer.care@posta.co.tz

    However, they did not go through unfortunately. I would very much appreciate your prompt assistance.

  • Eichner Klaus Dieter on

    I like to buy some stamps,but I cannot find who I have to pay (Kreditcart odr PayPal). Can you inform me- thanks Eichner

  • Barrie Cliff on

    Site says I can my order by MasterCard.How can I do this please .

  • amina on

    please work on your system try

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