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Tanzania Posts Corporation participation in the philatelic business is linked with the introduction of postage stamps in the year 1892 while the name of Tanzania was Tanganyika. The stamps were inscribed “Deutschostafrica” and later followed by Tanganyika’s first indigenous postage stamps which were release in 1922 featuring the head of Giraffe on an engine-turned background.

A philatelic stamp product means paper ambassadors, promoters of national image like tourist sites, national symbols etc. Collectors use to collect stamps and other postal matter as a hobby or an investment.

Traditional architectures, nature and its wonders take place in Tanzania Post Philatelic stamps. Moreover, we are scaling new heights, in every sense of the word. For instance, Fauna and Material Culture. Other topics from Zanzibar attractions will also ring some changes, including natural phenomena, the animal world and art. Please note that our issues may be added to or changed in the course of the year, but the up-to date programme can always be found at www.posta.co.tz or ordered by using email address:philately@posta.co.tz